AWS Accredited Test Facililty Certification

American Welding Society (AWS) Accredited Test Facility

EVIT services are closed to the public until further notice.


The East Valley Institute of Technology is
an American Welding Society Accredited Testing Facility.

The EVIT ATF is a third party ATF that conducts welder qualification testing for the AWS Certified Welder Program using a Certified Welding Inspector.

Generally, hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5 PM to 9 PM.  Saturday from 8 AM to 2 PM are reserved for multiple evaluations from companies.  “Emergency” testing can also be scheduled for an additional cost during that time on Saturdays. We follow the EVIT campus calendar for holidays and closed days. Click on the link below to view the EVIT Calendar.

• EVIT Calendar

Optional Welder training, bend testing, etc. is available upon request. An option to apply for nationally recognized AWS Certified Welder Program is available. A minimum of 48 hours prior to testing time is required for registration, and a minimum of 24 hours prior to testing must be given to cancel a test.

To get a view of the testing facility, click here.

Test Details and Pricing:

A photo ID (such as drivers license) is to be brought by the applicant to the testing site at the same time of testing.

The maximum test time on 3/8" plate is no longer than 3 hours.

A retest can be no sooner than the following day. The cost for the testing is the same amount that the applicant paid for the original test. If a third test is necessary, the time frame will be determined by the applicant and the CWI.

Tests include 3/8" and 1" plate thickness that meets AWS D1.1 requirements in 3G/4G positions.

1" thickness qualifies a welder for any thickness of metal.
3/8" thickness qualifies a welder for up to 3/4' thickness.
SMAW , GMAW or FCAW process can be used for any thickness.
GTAW 3/8" thickness coupon

Test includes 1 coupon for each position, 2 specimens per coupon. Individual positions (like 1G or 2G) 1 coupon, 2 specimens: $200.00
3G and 4G: All position cert for $400.00. Materials provided here, welded here.

For information on bend test and prices if they are for students registered at a school (HS, Community College, Joint Technical District, Skills Center) call Mr. Zamora.

Location and Contact Information:

East Valley Institute of Technology
1601 West Main St. Mesa AZ. 85201
Building 8, Room 001: Welding Lab

The lab is located on the far south side of campus. It may be necessary for Mr. Zamora to meet you and unlock a gate on the east or west side, so contact him to arrange this.

Contact Information:
Leon Zamora, CWI
ATF Phone: (480) 461-6713
Fax: (480) 461-4169